ESRM Academy in Gwangju, South Korea is looking to hire an experienced English teacher once again; Pay: 2.4+

Date of Job Posted: Friday, May 12, 2023

ESRM Academy in Gwangju is looking to hire an experienced teacher once again!

Our academy has been in operation for over three years and we couldn't do it without having great teachers!
The school is owned and operated by teachers and even the director has classes and continues to teach.
We are located in Yongsan-Dong which is very near Bongseon-Dong.

So for the job!

Pay: 2.4+ (can be negotiated based on experience.... seriously we will negotiate, we know how important a caring and motivated teacher is)
Hours: 2-9 PM
Teaching hours: Usually around 25 or less
Hiring requirements: Must qualify for an E2 visa or have an F visa. Also need a bachelors degree. This is not optional and is the law.
Vacation: All red days off. 11 Days vacation the first year.
Sick days: 3 paid sick days (if you don't take them we will pay you extra!)
Living: Our studio apartment is fairly new and less than a 5 minute walk from the school. Super convenient! If you don't need it we will also pay housing allowance.
Benefits: Full medical and pension. Of course severance. Flight up to 800,000 won.
Teaching and Prep: All of the lesson plans are already created. The teachers job is to grade homework and know the material for the lesson. There are no report cards or written student reviews.
We want our teachers to focus on being a teacher, not doing mundane office work.

This is the basic information, if you are interested and in Gwangju or Korea please reach out and ask me any questions you may have! We work hard to treat our teachers well and take
care of our students.

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